Cumulus Guayaquil 2021

8th to the 11th of November 2021

Susan Hansen

Convenor of the Visual Methods Group at Middlesex University, London. Her research combines the study of Graffiti and Street art’s existence within a field of social interaction. Susan has expertise in a range of qualitative methods, and a background in ethnomethodology, discursive psychology and conversation analysis. Although these are approaches usually confined to the analysis of transcribed video or audio data, she seeks to apply some of the key methodological tenets of these approaches to the analysis of visual data. Susan’s current research explores communities’ material engagements with, and affective responses to, street art and graffiti; the analysis of graffiti as a form of visual dialogue; and the promise of an archaeological approach to understanding street art and graffiti through the longitudinal photo documentation (or repeat photography) of single sites. She is Editor of Nuart Journal, Co-Editor of Visual Studies, Vice-President of the International Visual Sociology Association, and on the international scientific committee for Street Art and Urban Creativity.